Mailing Lists Confidentiality Policy

Archives of Postings

We archive the digests of all the messages that go through the mailing lists, and they are available to members of the list via the mailing list software. Send a message to


for details. All requests for archives (or anything to the list server) are logged.

Confidentiality of Email Addresses

The membership of the mailing lists is confidential. We will not sell or otherwise distribute the list of subscriber names, usernames, email addresses, or any other related information we may have collected. The primary purpose of this policy is to prevent online solicitors and others from bombarding list subscribers with unwanted junk email. You should, however, be aware that other list members have been known to gather this information themselves by copying it from messages that are posted.

Anonymous Posting

If you are more concerned about confidentiality, Boy Genius maintains an "anonymous" posting service for our mailing lists. If, and only if, you are a member of a list, you can post to that list through the anonymous posting service, which will eliminate all your identifying information from the mail header. (e.g. The "From:", "Reply-To:", "Sender:" and other such fields.) Please make sure you don't include your email "signature" at the bottom of your message if you want to post anonymously.

Our staff can, if necessary, determine who sent an "anonymous" posting (through information stored in the last few lines of the message). This allows us to offer the anonymous posting feature and at the same time ensure that it can't be used to defame people, disrupt the list, or make inappropriate or illegal solicitations, etc. People who abuse the anonymous posting feature will not be able to hide behind their anonymity.

Warning and Disclaimer

As people who participate in an online forum, we need to be aware that nothing about the messages posted to that forum is ultimately "secret". Mail messages may make many "hops" in reaching their final destination, they can often be recovered from the equipment used to send them, and in the case of mailing lists, are received by many individuals. The nature of the medium is such that it is best to assume that anything posted may be widely disseminated.

While this may seem obvious, please do not post something to the list that you really don't want people to know about yourself. This holds even if you are posting anonymously, and especially if your posting is going to create a demand that your identity be released. Doing so can create a very difficult situation for everyone.


Please remember, a primary purpose of an electronic mailing list is the sharing of information. It is our hope that this sharing of information will both be useful and provide comfort to the members of the communities served by these lists.